2 Chicago Cubs who will be costly in arbitration and 3 who will not

The Chicago Cubs are slated to have nine active players hit arbitration this winter

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Costly: Patrick Wisdom

The projections have Patrick Wisdom making $2.6 million in 2024, which isn't necessarily expensive. It's just too expensive for what you're getting from Wisdom.

First of all, Wisdom doesn't even qualify for many batting statistics because he didn't collect enough at-bats (268). And this wasn't due to injury because he only spent about two and a half weeks on the IL this year. Wisdom simply isn't good enough to play every day, which should be a wake-up call to the front office to either trade or release him because paying him $2.1 million is absurd for a guy getting less than 300 at-bats a year.

Yes, when Wisdom gets the barrel to the ball, he hits it a mile but the team can't afford to play him often enough for his home runs to give you value. His defense at third is okay but at first base, it is not good, his base running isn't strong and he simply struggles to do anything but hit home runs or strikeout (36.8%) at the plate.