15 worst Chicago Cubs free agent signings in franchise history

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11. Jacque Jones - 3 Years, $16 Million (2006)

After batting north of .300 in a couple seasons with the Twins a few years prior, there was cause for optimism when the Cubs inked outfielder Jacque Jones in Dec. 2005. Signed to a three-year, $16 million deal, the veteran handled right field duties for the team the following year, was a tick above-average with the bat and set a career-high with 27 home runs.

From there, things got shaky fast for Jones. There were rumors he sought a trade, then he said he wanted to stay and that was a constant theme the entire 2007 season. Two separate trades that would have dumped Jones were shot down by ownership, leading the team to run out the clock on the outfielder that year, despite his poor performance on the field.

Jones' power evaporated that year. He hit just five home runs and fell below league average at the plate in terms of OPS+, was irritated with his role on the team and the writing was very much on the wall by season's end. That November, Chicago sent him to the Tigers in exchange for Omar Infante (talk about a guy you don't remember being a Cub - although it's understandable since he changed hands again that very offseason, thus never setting foot on the field for Chicago).

He played one more year in the big leagues, splitting the 2008 season between Detroit and Florida, but hit just .147/.239/.207 in limited action. It's safe to say Jones' time with the Cubs didn't go as planned and he was one of those guys who just never seemed comfortable in Chicago. (And let's not even get into his post-playing days off-field revenge porn incident).