15 Cubs players that make perfect Immaculate Grid answers

Looking for those answers that play well for a variety of teams in your Immaculate Grid? These former Cubs players check a lot of boxes.
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Cubs Immaculate Grid Answers: A World Baseball Classic manager, 2000s outfielder and late 90s reliever walk into a bar

Mark DeRosa, a staple on MLB Network these days, was a fan favorite during his time with the Cubs - and it's not hard to figure out why. From 2007-2008, DeRo carried an .824 OPS for the North Siders and hit .333 in the NLDS both years, despite Chicago getting swept in both.

His jack-of-all-trades defensive skillset - as well as hit solid bat - made him a popular commodity during his career. DeRosa broke into the league in 1998 with Atlanta and, by the time he hung up his spikes in 2013, he'd played for the Braves, Giants, Rangers, Cubs, Cardinals, Indiands, Nationals and Blue Jays.

Another popular commodity for Chicago around that same time (2010-2012), Marlon Byrd actually earned the only All-Star selection of his career when he was with the Cubs. Of course, that was as much about the supporting cast around him as his performance, but still a nice nugget to stick in your pocket trivia-wise.

Byrd, who was marred by PEDs later in his career, spent 15 years in the bigs, actually ending it with Cleveland in 2016 - also playing for the Phillies, Rangers, Cubs, Nationals, Mets, Giants, Pirates, Red Sox and Reds. Just a cup of coffee with Chicago, but he was definitely a key piece on a pretty not great 2010 club.

I still remember pitching with Terry Mulholland on my Game Boy back in the day - and regularly catch glimpses of him when I watch games from 1998 online. A 20-year MLB veteran, the left-hander made 685 appearances in his career, with parts of two of those seasons spent with the Cubs. He was particularly good in '98, putting up a 2.89 ERA in 70 appearances - the best single-season mark of his career.

He rode off into the sunset in 2006 at 43 years old, having played for the Phillies, Giants, Cubs, Twins, Braves, Dodgers, Indians, Diamondbacks, Pirates, Mariners and Yankees.