10 Chicago Cubs Players As Taylor Swift Eras

Kevin Mazur/TAS23/GettyImages
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I don’t expect this to be something that is for everyone. I’m trying to find a very specific group of people that are both: 

  1. Cubs fans
  2. Swifties

And I’m not necessarily positive there’s a massive overlap when it comes to that specific venn diagram. That being said, as my wife and I began dating, we always tried to share in each other’s interests. As I taught her about the roster of the 2016 Cubs, she would explain to me that there was an alleged ten-minute version of her favorite song from the Red album.

Both the Cubs and Taylor Swift have played an important role in our lives and our relationship and when Taylor Swift plays her shows in Chicago this week I thought it would only be right to work with my wife to come up with which Chicago Cubs players best represent each of Ms. Swift’s iconic eras. We’re about to get into the weeds with some truly terrible puns. You have been warned.