10 best single season performances by Chicago Cubs players in the last decade

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Kris Bryant
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2. Kris Bryant 2016

It's a shame that Kris Bryant will probably not be able to truly replicate what he did in 2016 because he set the bar very high. Although his subsequent seasons were undervalued by many, it's partially because his 2016 numbers were so phenomenal. Among all National League hitters, Bryant led them in WAR with a whopping 7.9 while cranking 39 long balls and driving in 102 runs.

The power numbers were superb, but Bryant was the whole package in his prime. His plate discipline got him on base at an exceptional clip of .385, and he also led the league in runs scored with 121. With the slugging dominance of Anthony Rizzo behind him in the lineup, Bryant was able to set the table for sustained offensive success in 2016. After getting an All-Star nod and a Home Run Derby appearance, Bryant secured the first MVP for the Cubs franchise since Sammy Sosa's historic 1998 season.