1 extension the Cubs should make and 1 they should avoid

Looking at the state of the Chicago Cubs roster and determining one extension the team should make, and one they should avoid.

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1 extension to avoid - Pete Crow-Armstrong

I'm pumping the break ever so slightly at this juncture on Pete Crow-Armstrong. The Cubs' top prospect has a high ceiling and a high enough floor that his Gold Glove-caliber defense makes him valuable to any team. After Jackson Chourio signed a massive extension with the Milwaukee Brewers, I saw mentions from people that they wanted the same from Crow-Armstrong, but the reality is that he still has a lot to prove.

Fourteen hitless at-bats in 2023 mean nothing on both sides of the coin. There needs to be more data at the major league level to lean one way or another regarding what Crow-Armstrong will bring to the plate offensively before you can have any confidence. He should adjust to the majors like he has to every level upon getting promoted. I want him to pass the eye test first.

The way we know Crow-Armstrong is a lock to be an elite center fielder is the same feeling we need to have when watching him at the plate in 2024. Giving him at-bats in 2024 will be critical to his development. Spring Training will be crucial to display what he can do with the bat. Nevertheless, he is still a prospect with his entire contract intact. The Cubs don't have to rush here.

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