3 reasons Cubs cut season ticket prices but can still spend big

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Chicago Cubs
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The Wrigley Field gameday experience is one of the most expensive in baseball

No team can sell out a random Wednesday afternoon game anywhere from April to September quite like the Chicago Cubs. Because of that Cubs fans are some of (if not) the best fans in baseball and beyond. But it is not cheap by any means to be a fan of the North Siders. A family of four is looking at a $300 afternoon of average, and that’s just inside the ballpark.

Honestly, I don’t know why cup snakes were so frowned upon by Wrigley Field staff and management. If I were them, all I would see is dollar signs. That one pictured above looks like $5,000 profit at a minimum – and let’s not forget the one valued in the tens of thousands of dollars we saw at one point. Add that to all the amenities and entertainment Wrigleyville has to offer outside the ballpark year-round, the Cubs have to be in the conversation for most profitable franchise on any given day.

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Chicago is a top 3 market in sports. With all these new revenues, there is money everywhere you look on the North Side. It’s time for ownership to use that money to put a competitive team for on the field for many years to come and chase the rings this fan base has long paid-in-full for many times over. The times for excuses are long past. Cubs fans waited 108 years before 2016 came and there’s no reason such a drought should ever grip the team ever again.