Chicago Cubs: 5 positive takeaways from the 2022 season

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5 positive Cubs takeaways – #5: Cubs willing to spend this offseason

As the season has progressed, the belief throughout the industry the Cubs are ready to land a couple key pieces to supplement their up-and-coming core has only grown. In particular, Chicago has been connected to several of the top-shelf free agent shortstops, along with top of the line starting pitching.

Going back to a report from August, Tom Ricketts himself has already mentioned spending being a plan for the next great Cubs team. To quote:

"“Our decision last year to move away from Cubs players who brought us a World Series title was tough, but we have a plan to return to championship contention by building the next great Cubs team around a young core of players augmented by free agent signings and we’re making progress.”"

It’s actually hard to hold anything against Ricketts here. Ownership did go out and sign Stroman and Suzuki to multi-year deals last winter. Another report from Bleacher Nation has the Cubs “for sure” spending this offseason, which is always good to hear. Like they say: where there’s smoke, there’s fire – right?

I understand the “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” mentality with Nico Hoerner at shortstop. The former first-rounder has more than proven he is a fantastic defender and elite bat-to-ball hitter. You love to see him staying mostly healthy this year and I probably should dedicate a full page to him here. The fact is, if you have the ability to move him to second base and acquire an All-Star in the process, you absolutely pull the trigger if you’re looking to contend. End of story.

The Cubs doing as well as they have in the second half of 2022 instead of plummeting down the standings should only encourage the front office and ownership to start turning the corner in this re-tooling effort. This winter should be one of the most exciting we, as Cubs fans, have experienced in years.