Building out 3 hypothetical trades for Cubs outfielder Ian Happ

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Cubs: Ian Happ trade scenario #3: Ian Happ brings his friends to San Diego

Let’s get crazy here for a minute. It’s already been reported that the Padres were interested in the pairing of Contreras and Happ together. Adding in a very solid closer in David Robertson makes this scenario all the more enticing for both sides. For one, the Padres are looking to compete. For two, Fernando Tatis Jr. is not even back yet and once he is, it will act as an acquisition in itself.

Sliding Happ and Contreras into that lineup with Manny Machado and a healthy Tatis Jr. just may give the Padres one of, if not the best, lineup in the National League.

Furthermore, should this trade proposal not match up with what comes to the table, with other prospects potentially being added to the mix, for the Cubs and Padres, it should be centered around these pieces.  If the Padres find a way to have the Cubs take on Eric Hosmer’s contract in this deal, it only frees up money for the Padres to re-sign Contreras if they wish to do so, which could make trading for a rental in Contreras much more worth it. They also have Sean Manaea (9.75M) as well as Mike Clevinger (8.0M) coming off the books this year.

We’ve discussed that any way you want to slice it, but, regardless, the Cubs are trading two All-Stars here, one with another year of team control and one with the possibility of being re-signed/extended.

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Happ alone has the potential to net you a top 100 guy if you throw in the right sweetener that addresses a team’s specific needs. Contreras and Robertson do the same thing. In Campusano and Wood, you get two top 100 guys and the Cubs come away with a farm system that, at that point, is absolutely loaded moving forward. Again, some pieces may need to be added here and there to make it more to both teams liking, but a blockbuster like this rapidly excels the Cubs’ rebuild and puts the Padres in the upper echelon of the Senior Circuit.