Building out 3 hypothetical trades for Cubs outfielder Ian Happ

(Photo by Chase Agnello-Dean/Getty Images)
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With trade season in full swing and plenty of rumors swirling around the league regarding the availability of Chicago Cubs All-Star outfielder Ian Happ, it begs the question: Who is going to be calling and what could a potential return look like?

Dating back to the second half of last season, Happ has found the consistency he’s lacked up until this point. He’s finally put it all together – and it’s caught the eye of a ton of teams looking to add an impact piece at this year’s trade deadline.

His average has stayed up and though the power numbers are down, the on-base percentage is fantastic and his strikeout rate is way down as well. What really separates Happ from guys you typically see shopped in July is the fact he comes with another year of team control.

Happ would be a good rental for a competing team in itself if he were to be a free agent this season, but with that extra year of control, he becomes all the more intriguing for teams looking to not just sneak into the postseason in 2022, but be right in the thick of things again next year.

The only down side is whether or not he will continue to stay consistent as time goes on. For me, watching his approach at the plate, something has clicked for Happ and I believe he is finally becoming the ballplayer many expected him to be when the Cubs picked him up in the first round all those years ago.

Let’s check out a few trade scenarios regarding Happ and the teams that have been either connected or listed as buyers this year.