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MLB Draft: Looking at options for the Cubs with 7th overall pick

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The MLB Draft is coming up soon, and the Cubs will have the seventh overall pick, allowing them to hopefully select someone who will be a true up-and-comer in the near future. A team that is drafting this high in the first round should not be focusing on drafting a specific position, rather on drafting the best overall player available. So, let’s look ahead at the player the Cubs may be able to take at the seventh selection.

The top three picks are probably locks. Between Druw Jones, Jackson Holliday and Elijah Green, those three are highly likely to headline the first round. Throughout mock drafts across the internet, there are really just five other players that could land at the seventh selection with the Cubs. These are Cam Collier (3B), Brooks Lee (SS), Kevin Parada (C), Termarr Johnson (2B) and Gavin Cross (OF). As mock drafts are rarely correct there could be other possible selections, but these 5 seem to be the most common names tied to Chicago of late.

Just from looking at the mock drafts out there, barely any has a pitcher being drafted in the top 10, therefore, as much as the Cubs need to develop pitching, drafting a strong middle infielder who you can put just about anywhere would probably be the smartest move to do.

Jonathan Mayo’s recent mock draft on has the Cubs selecting Termarr Johnson, a second baseman out of a Georgia High School. According to Mayo, “Johnson is the best pure high school hitter in the class and it’s hard to imagine him going any later than this.”.

As Cubs fans may be wondering things like “why are we drafting another middle infielder when we have Nico Hoerner, Nick Madrigal, Ed Howard and Chase Strumpf in the minors”, the amazing thing about drafting middle infielders is that many of them can also play at third base as well as some in the outfield. Middle infielders are also some of the smartest athletes on the field and often wind up being the captains or leaders of a winning team.

However, if Johnson is not available, selecting Brooks Lee (SS) or Kevin Parada (C) would also be a nice get for the team. Adding catching depth is something the Cubs desperately need to do, as Miguel Amaya is taking longer to develop than initially expected and Willson Contreras seems like a sure-fire trade chip in coming weeks.

According to the scouting report on Parada:

"“Parada doesn’t try to do too much at the plate, keeping his right-handed swing under control and lashing line drives all over the park. He projects as a potential .280-.300 hitter with 20-25 homers per season who could fit into the middle of big league batting order.”"

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As it is hard to see a replacement for Contreras, Parada’s scouting report is similar to Contreras’ when he was in the minors. The MLB Draft is Sunday, July 17 to Tuesday, July 19, so buckle up – it’s almost time.