Cubs: This latest Willson Contreras trade proposal is a hard pass

Mandatory Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports /
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Ah, here we go again. It seems only fitting we’ve finally reached hot take season with the Chicago Cubs and their plan with Willson Contreras. Last summer it seemed a near-slam dunk the two-time All-Star would be headed out the door, but it did not happen. Now, as we barrel toward the trade deadline it seems almost inevitable this could be the final month-and-a-half of his time on the North Side.

During this time of the year, for what it’s worth, I hardly give much credence to many trade rumors because they tend to be outlandish. Nor do I tend to break them down simply because it’s not worth the time. However, for arguments sake and as an exercise I thought I’d break down the latest proposal.

Cubs, Giants don’t make sense for this Willson Contreras trade proposal

Last summer the San Francisco Giants pulled off a deal at the midnight hour for former NL Rookie of the Year and MVP Kris Bryant in exchange outfielder Alexander Canario and right-hander Caleb Kilian. Canario is currently ranked as the Cubs’ number 18 prospect and Kilian has made one start this year for the Cubs. Both guys are bright spots in the organization and after the Giants agreed to pick up the remainder of the $19.5 million owed to Bryant, it made the deal even stronger.

Contreras is not Bryant. However he is one of the most electric catchers in the majors. Just recently, the idea was kicked around whether or not Contreras was valuable enough to nab a top 100 prospect. The short answer to that is yes, but I digress. This specific proposal that caught my eye focused on catcher Patrick Bailey, outfielder Hunter Bishop and right-hander Ryan Murphy.

Eh, try again.