Chicago Cubs: 4 can’t-miss options at the seventh pick in the draft

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Cubs: 4 options with the seventh pick in the MLB Draft: Termarr Johnson

While this draft is stocked with potentially high-end-level bats, none may be a better pure hitter than Termarr Johnson. Johnson is rumored to be the guy the Cubs want the most, and it’s easy to see why. Johnson has a 70-grade hit tool along with a 60-grade power tool, making him an absolute force at the plate.

Though he plays shortstop now, he’s likely to move to second or third base where he should be a quality defender. If Johnson is even a league-average defender, that paired with his offensive potential should make him potentially a top player in the league.

The question is whether or not he’ll fall to the Cubs. He’s a guy who was seen as a top-five lock at one point, but he won’t be cheap to sign, and is likely to move away from short when there are several other elite shortstops with encouraging offensive profiles at the top of the draft as well. All of this could add up to have him fall into the Cubs range, and if it does, it’ll be nearly impossible to pass up on the type of potential Johnson has to offer.

The Cubs are in the perfect position to land a premium bat that could anchor the emerging farm system for years to come. There will be no shortage of options for the Cubs and these four are just the tip of the iceberg.

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It’s not inconceivable that the Cubs could take a look at players like Zach Neto, Gavin Cross, or Jordan Beck at the seventh spot either, or perhaps one of the top shortstops like Jackson Holliday or Brooks Lee could fall to them. Maybe the Cubs have power-hitting backstop Kevin Parada fall to them and have the opportunity to fill the biggest positional void in the organization. The draft could fall a lot of ways, but there are very few bad options for Jed Hoyer to choose from.