Jason Heyward’s Instagram post turned a lot of heads last week

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The 2022 regular season is over a month old already, and the Cubs are currently in fourth place  in the National League Central. Though there is a lot of time left in the season, losing often leads to more losing. In addition, change is needed for anything to change. There are many areas the Cubs need to work on for the team to contend going forward.

Starting pitching hasn’t been consistent or reliable, and their offense is streaky – at best. Needless to say, Chicago is nothing like they were not too long ago when the team’s curse was broken. This goes without saying, but that 2016 team was unbelievable and unforgettable. But, things have changed so much since then.

One of the only remaining players left in Chicago from the 2016 World Series championship squad is outfielder Jason Heyward. The North Siders first signed Heyward following the 2015 season, handing him a franchise record eight-year, $184 million pact. Sadly, he seems unlikely to ever live up to that hype.

Sure, the 32-year-old veteran was always a clubhouse staple from the moment he became part of the ball club, especially considering the famous Game 7 rain delay speech. However, the numbers don’t lie – this has been a drastic overpay and one that has left long-lasting marks on the franchise.

Outfielder Jason Heyward’s future with the Chicago Cubs remains a mystery.

There is no denying that rumors have surrounded Heyward and his future with the Chicago Cubs. As a result, Heyward took to social media to express his feelings on the matter. Heyward’s posted an assortment of pictures on Instagram and wrote a caption that said:

"“Appreciate the present; no matter what.. That future you’re devoted to isn’t promised, and it doesn’t happen without right now.”"

Chicago Cubs fans might be wondering, what does this mean? The Cubs have been off to an abysmal start this season. Heyward, though he has been decent, has not reached his former potential, and at this point, he is just taking up a spot that could be taken over in the near future by one of the club’s up-and-comers.

Perhaps Heyward’s cryptic Instagram picture and caption are signaling his exit. On the other hand, maybe the post is Heyward showing appreciation for his time on the North Side because who knows when things could change. The team’s future is uncertain, but regardless of Heyward’s presence, the odds of them making the playoffs are slim to none.

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Though it might be sad for fans to say goodbye to Heyward, it is time to wipe the slate clean and judging from his recent Instagram post, he’s well aware of that possibility himself.