It has been disheartening being a Chicago Cubs fan lately

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The Cubs dropped both games of a doubleheader Saturday against the Los Angeles Dodgers, and were outscored 13-2 in the process. While the Dodgers improved their record to 18-7, the Cubs dropped to 9-17 – good for fourth place in the NL Central (and let’s not forget Los Angeles completed the sweep on national TV Sunday night). Two muggings with an audience. Just too easy for the powerhouse Dodgers. It was like watching the 1985 Bears take down the Patriots in the Super Bowl…a lopsided match as one of the teams had next to no chance. It honestly felt like the Dodgers could have won each game by much more if they really wanted to.

This is brutal, no other way to put it. After a fun first week of the season, it has been a downward spiral. They have two wins since April 24. It feels so helpless and there are roughly five months left in this season.

The feeling toward the Cubs season is really disheartening

It was obvious this team was not built to contend in 2022, and it was a “rebuild/retool” year even if management would not say so. Which alone, is what makes this more frustrating. The lack of transparency, unlike the Theo Epstein era where a plan was laid out in front of us, just makes fans angrier. That said, I personally did not think it would be THIS bad. Good? No. Semi-competitive? Yes. I predicted mid-70s wins, now it legit feels like they could lose 100 games. Maybe I was overconfident.

I supported a transition into a new era, as the old regime and core were just not seeing the success we hoped for after 2016. We could go on an entire tangent about that, but I think I have discussed what went wrong in the previous era enough times for one lifetime. That said, the Cubs should NOT be 2012-tanking bad. One season of 75-wins and “fun” bad is more tolerable than chasing 100 losses.

Sure, the Cubs brought in Seiya Suzuki, Marcus Stroman and a few more veterans. Good moves were made, but one could absolutely argue more should have been added to at least make them more competitive in 2022. The Cubs are a cash cow, and we should have left the bottom of the barrel “Lovable Losers” stuff in the past.

I do not want to make it too personal against the players. They try their best, and at the end of the day they are all better at baseball than me as I am just a lowly fan.  Like us they are human and do not want to be in this position either. But this is not even watchable and we pay good money to watch both on their network and in person. The product just is not good at all.

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It’s like we have come full circle, like the World Series and contending years were a blip in the timeline…back to losing as they did for decades. That said, I am going to remain hopeful for the future. The stock of some of these key prospects continues to rise, and the organization has hired some good minds to help develop them. Call me a fool, and I have zero clue how this will all turn out in the long run, but hope is all I have right now. Maybe this team at least plays a bit better as we go along? Who knows. Let this be rock bottom. Go Cubs.