Cubs Opening Day weather: gray, cold and full of baseball

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Happy Opening Day, Cubs fans!

It might be overcast, chilly and breezy with a chance of some rain showers, but baseball is back – with the Cubs and Brewers squaring off in the first MLB matchup of the 2022 season Thursday afternoon at Wrigley Field.

Anyone with any Cubs Opening Day experience knows not to expect lovely summer vibes at the Friendly Confines this time of year. And, if forecasts are accurate, we’re going to need to dress in layers for much of this opening series this weekend.

Cubs Opening Day weather is no joke. But there’s still something about hearing the sounds, smelling the smells and seeing the sights in Wrigleyville on game day that, for me personally, makes it totally worth it. Throw in a few pregame beverages or maybe a breakfast hot dog or two at a local establishment and you’ll have what you need to get the day started.

What you need to know for Cubs Opening Day at Wrigley Field

A few other non-weather related items to consider this year as you make your way to the ballpark. Wrigley Field is, once again, cashless. So don’t hit the ATM before the game and make sure you have your cards in your wallet.

There’s plenty of information on the Cubs’ website regarding any and all questions you might have – including one that, for my wife specifically, was helpful – and that’s the purse and bag policy. (For what it’s worth, no backpacks are allowed inside).

Of course, there are plenty of spots worth checking out before you head inside. Personally, I’m very much looking forward to the 7 AM start at Murphy’s Bleachers – a must-see for a first-time Opening Day attendee, in my opinion.

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So dress warmly, be nice to one another and get ready – another year of Chicago Cubs baseball is upon us!