Cubs fans can finally move on from the old and embrace a new era

Chicago Cubs (Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images)
Chicago Cubs (Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images) /

All four former members of the Chicago Cubs core have new homes. Anthony Rizzo returned to the Yankees, Kris Bryant signed a seven-year deal with the Rockies, Kyle Schwarber signed a four-year deal with the Phillies and Javier Baez headed to Detroit on a six-year pact. Bryant was the last domino to fall when his deal with the Rockies was announced early Wednesday evening.

All of the rumors, speculation and “what ifs” regarding the possibility of reunions in Chicago is now over. The fans, media and team can finally move on. Regardless of how disappointed some fans might feel, there is closure knowing they do not have to wonder anymore.

Cubs fans should cherish the memories but live for today and tomorrow

No other team in Cubs history will be loved more by fans than the 2016 team. The squad that won the franchise’s first World Series title in 108 years was immortalized in Chicago history the moment Bryant’s throw landed safely in Rizzo’s mitt on Michael Martinez’s groundout. Unfortunately, since that World Series win, the remaining window saw only one postseason series win as the league passed them by. The offense “broke” at inopportune times and the system was not producing MLB-caliber players.

Blame can go around. The core, supporting cast, lack of prospect success and financial constraints set by ownership can all share some of the blame. In the end, the old era came to an end, and if the Cubs want to win they have to change and adapt to catch back up to the elites.

Today, we can finally move forward for good.

A new era is upon us on the North Side. Jed Hoyer has assembled himself a solidified infrastructure of executives and scouts within the organization to build a new tomorrow. The system is much deeper with prospects and new philosophies will be implemented to help return to sustaining success. Even if 2022 will not be a contending year necessarily, it will give the team a chance to establish a new set of MLB building blocks while continuing to develop the prospects within the farm system. 2022 will be the first full year in the Cubs organization for a number of their top prospects. Fans sure would love to see Brennen Davis at Wrigley sooner than later.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed. This new era is in the early stages, the prospects are young and the current team is still a ways away from being a contender. Cannot fully promise this new era will turn out the way we want. The previous rebuild was no guarantee either, nothing in sports is. The organization has to come through and it’s on them to do it.

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It is only natural to be emotionally attached to players that brought the team so much joy. Cannot blame fans for wishing core players were extended a few years back, either. These are very talented players who will bring good things to their new teams. With that said, in the long-run, major changes could be for the best. One can acknowledge the old core’s positives while also understanding that major adjustments within the team itself are needed.

One last thank you to Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant, Kyle Schwarber and Javier Baez. Here’s to the future.