Cubs mentioned as potential suitor for Freddie Freeman

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So far the “second half” of the offseason has been a crazy one and things got a little bit crazier early Monday. The defending World Series champion Atlanta Braves traded for All-Star first baseman Matt Olson, giving up a boat-load of prospects. While the Olson trade is huge, what might be the biggest deal is the fact that this officially signaled the end of the Freddie Freeman era in Atlanta.

It’s absolutely crazy to think of a day where Freeman is not a Brave but that day is coming, and his market is ramping up. The free agent first basemen is officially looking for a new home, and is expected to get a heavy pay day. Well in a tweet from MLB insider Jon Heyman, he mentioned all the teams that could be potentially in on the former MVP.

Of the teams mentioned, there’s obviously the team most-frequently linked to the first baseman in the Dodgers, and then the “long shots” in the Rays and Yankees, and then the Red Sox, and the *checks again* Cubs?! Yes, to say the least it’s very interesting and also a little confusing to see the Cubs connected to a player of Freeman’s caliber. While we’ve heard the Yankees and Dodgers all offseason as really the only two teams interested in Freeman, it was definitely a little shocking to see a team like the Cubs as a possible suitor.

It’s also awesome to see because who wouldn’t want Freeman to be a Cub? He has been one of the best and most consistent players in baseball for the past four or so years now. An MVP, a perennial All-Star and one of the most likable guys in the game. That’s something any team in baseball would want.

Do the Cubs have a shot at signing Freeman? No, probably not.

But let’s be honest here, I don’t think there is really any chance that Freeman becomes a Cub. While yes, the Cubs do have the money to reach his hefty price tag, I really do think its down to the Yankees, Dodgers, or Canadian-root Blue Jays. Unless the Cubs are playing negotiations with Freeman close to the chest, I don’t think this is a real possibility.

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Nonetheless, its good to see the Cubs mentioned in yet another top free agents possible market. While the market seems to break down day by day, it almost feels as if we are waiting on Freeman to sign before everything gets loose. As a Cubs fan, it will be worth it to keep an eye on the Freeman market after this report.