Cubs players furious with MLB; free agent frenzy to come; Opening Day in May?

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Jason Heyward / Chicago Cubs
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With MLB officially postponing the first two series of the regular season earlier this week, it’s no surprise to see players venting their frustrations across social media. It has grown apparent that the league has wanted to control the situation from the very start based on their actions. Several Chicago Cubs (some former) have done no different and have allowed their voice to be heard on what has proven to be an ugly war between the league and the union.

First, you have the fiery Willson Contreras, who has always been known to be vocal and say what he believes in. Kudos to him for not staying silent now. Looking at the details of the lockout, it is no wonder the players are furious over what they feel is an unnecessary cancellation of games. “Good faith” are terms loosely utilized by the league without actually proving it. In short, the league has said all the right things but their feet have yet to match their mouths.

Elsewhere, Cubs veteran Jason Heyward recently took to Instagram to roast MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred and make it known of what is believed to be the league’s plan all along from the very start: a delay to the 2022 season. With their eyes set on an owner-friendly agreement, MLB suspiciously stalled from the very beginning, imposing a lockout without negotiating in the first place, followed by six weeks of complete silence. This is beyond not negotiating in good faith, but with the owners in charge of the show, who’s there to stop them?

Even former Cubs fan favorite, Anthony Rizzo, had something to say in regards to MLB’s self-imposed lockout and the MLBPA’s decision to turn down the league’s “last and best offer” on Tuesday evening.