3 Cubs legends that must be featured in MLB The Show 22

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Hack Wilson / Chicago Cubs
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2. Hack Wilson is an older Cubs legend with some crazy power

The Cubs really lack older legends in the game. Past Banks, Williams, and Jenkins, there’s next to nobody representing the North Siders from way back. It’s understandable because everyone would rather play with legends they know, but I’d argue that Hack Wilson would be a pretty fun historical addition to the game.

Wilson’s career wasn’t particularly long, but he made an impact in his 12 seasons in baseball. He posted three top-ten MVP finishes during his Cubs tenure, though he was often overshadowed by the giants of his time like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Rogers Hornsby. Even so, he was a monster offensively, recording five straight years with an OPS+ over 150 from 1926 through 1930.

Picking a good card for him is a bit tougher, but there are definitely options. A signature and prime card are both on the table to capture his insane tenure in Chicago, though if you wanted to isolate his best season, a 50 home run club milestone card would represent everything Wilson did best: mash, mash, and mash some more. In 1930, Wilson led all of baseball with 56 big flies, topping even the Great Bambino himself and posting a 177 OPS+ to lead the National League.

Putting Wilson’s insane power in a center field package would make for a truly disgusting card to use in-game. He’s not the biggest name out there, but if you listen to a few Cubs broadcasts, you’ll hear his name time after time as one of the best to ever swing it in Wrigley. Consider him a dark horse Cubs legend. He probably won’t get in, but there are a lot of fun ways to implement him into the game.