Ranking the 5 most important Cubs entering the 2022 season

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Cubs: 5 most important players heading into 2022 – #2: Frank Schwindel

Perhaps even more important than the breakout season of Wisdom, was that of Frank Schwindel. Taking over first base duties once Anthony Rizzo was shipped off to New York, Schwindel became a feel-good story due to his success at the plate and his charismatic energy.

Schwindel’s 2.1 WAR was not far behind Wisdom’s 2.3 mark at season’s end. However, Schwindel racked up this number in 136 fewer plate appearances than Wisdom and overall became just as important to the team’s success in an even shorter amount of time. As Wisdom’s story became a surge of power that proves key adjustments must to be made to continue prolonged success, Schwindel’s story was more a matter of “How long can he keep this up?”

For the season, Schwindel slashed .342/.389/.613 with 13 home runs and 40 RBI. Oh,  and he did all that in just 222 at-bats. That mark, adjusted for a full season of at least 500 at bats, put him on pace for a almost 40 HR and 120 RBI, seeing as that he played just  over one third of a season in 56 games.

Fifty-six games, however, is no small sample size. A one week tear led to two months of fantastic baseball from Schwindel. Should he keep up anything like that production at all, the Cubs have themselves yet another inexpensive player who can produce with the best of them.