Recalling the 5 best-hitting pitchers in Chicago Cubs history

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Cubs: Charlie Root was more than just the guy who gave up the “Called Shot”

It is not surprising that the man who has pitched the most innings in a Cubs uniform also has the most at-bats of any pitcher in team history. Outside of his rookie year with the St. Louis Browns, Root pitched the rest of his 16 MLB seasons on the North Side, from 1926-1941. He was part of four pennant-winning teams in 1929, 1932, 1935 and 1938.

In addition to his 3.55 ERA and 201 wins as a Cub, Root also compiled 195 hits in 1,073 at bats. No other Cubs pitcher has more hits than him and he was the only one to eclipse the 1,000 at-bat mark. Root was a lifetime .182/.218/.268 hitter with 46 doubles and 11 home runs. His 93 RBI also sit comfortably in the number one spot in that category.

Even if his hit total was in part due to his longevity, a .182 average as a pitcher is still pretty dang solid. Also hitting 11 home runs in that era as a pitcher was pretty respectable as well. Sadly feels like Root does not always get the recognition he deserves as a player in Cubs history.