3 big ticket free agents if the Chicago Cubs miss out on Carlos Correa

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3 big ticket players if the Chicago Cubs miss on Carlos Correa – #2: Nick Castellanos

Nick Castellanos had a career year and then some in 2021. Many in Chicago weren’t surprised as fans were appalled when the masher wasn’t re-signed at the end of 2019, so seeing him earn an All-Star nod in 2021 made sense.

Castellanos’ numbers in the first half of 2021 were absolutely absurd. He smashed to the tune of a .331/.381/.585 slash line, including an impressive 150 wRC+ and .406 wOBA. Though he batted .270 in the second half, Castellanos got red hot again in September and October, batting .283/.328/.623 with a ridiculous .340 ISO after blasting 10 homers and six doubles.

It’s no surprise that Castellanos’ numbers have gone up substantially in recent years. Detroit is pretty much where fly balls go to die with that giant outfield. After playing in hitter-friendly ballparks such as Wrigley Field and Great American Ballpark the last two-plus years, it’s not hard to figure out why he’s put up ridiculous numbers.

In the second half of 2019, he slashed .321/.356/.646 as a Cub, but little financial wiggle room led the team to watch him join the rival Reds in free agency. But bringing him back if they miss out on Correa is a surefire way to appease the fanbase.