3 big ticket free agents if the Chicago Cubs miss out on Carlos Correa

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With the Chicago Cubs‘ presumed willingness to easily exceed the $30 million AAV threshold on Carlos Correa, it is important to keep an open mind regarding how aggressive Jed Hoyer and Tom Ricketts are being this winter. Though the Cubs have yet to land the huge fish outside of perhaps Marcus Stroman, the thought is the team is at least open to making a big-dollar signing.

Personally, I am perplexed as to why there are still some assuming the “Cubs won’t do anything this winter.” Signing Stroman and the fact that they are having dialogue with free agents set to get massive paydays sends a clear message to me. Perhaps any hope regarding the future has been overshadowed by the team’s potential but lack of success in recent years. Regardless, that was then and this is now. It‘s time to wake up and realize the Cubs are going to go for it again.

Chicago has been constantly connected to Correa this offseason, so much so they have specific terms in mind when it comes to the All-Star infielder. The money is there and the main roadblock to get around isn’t price point but rather a length of contract. It’s believed Correa is looking for something around what Corey Seager received from the Texas Rangers at 10 years and $325 million. Hoyer is willing to pay up, but is said to prefer a deal in the seven-year range. 

But what if the Cubs miss on Correa? The good news is that there are still a multitude of top talent available this winter. Even in the shortstop department, the Cubs don’t have to necessarily have a ‘Correa-or-bust’ mentality. If Correa lands elsewhere, the team still needs to stay aggressive.

If you’re Hoyer, it’s risky to assume Nico Hoerner and Nick Madrigal will stay healthy in 2022. We know the details on Hoerner and his battles to stay on the field consistently and, after all, Madrigal just missed the lion’s share of the 2021 season recovering from a serious injury. When healthy, both players are capable of being .300 hitters who keep things moving – but this lineup still needs to add some pop.

Signing Wade Miley and Marcus Stroman addressed the issues in the rotation, while warm to hot stove rumors of adding Correa prove the team is ready to make serious moves. But if, at the end of it all, the former Rookie of the Year goes elsewhere, there are other big ticket options out there.