Chicago Cubs: 3 critical keys to success heading into 2022

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Chicago Cubs: 3 critical keys to success – #1: Buying at the 2022 trade deadline

If the Cubs properly execute and both sign Correa (or at least a very strong offensive weapon of that caliber) and add those two to three key arms in the bullpen, there is a strong reason to believe that they can compete again as soon as next year. Along with the critical fixes the starting rotation needed, the offense could be in a much strong position, as well.

Even those improvements could put the Cubs very much in the thick of things in the NL Central, where several teams have stood pat – or even gotten worse in the case of the Reds. Odds are the division will be tight as the summer months hit, which makes being aggressive at the deadline and separating oneself from the pack more important than ever.

Even with a Correa on the books, there’s money to be spent here. They can utilize their financial standing to make moves in-season and address any shortcomings that arise during the first half of the season. With the long-term payroll flexibility Hoyer has created for himself, there will be opportunities to get aggressive come July.

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This makes it all sound incredibly simple. But adding some star power back to the mix and shoring up the bullpen, paired with an already-improved rotation, should put the Chicago Cubs back on the map in 2022 and in a position to be a major player down the stretch.