3 people Chicago Cubs fans love to hate – and 1 they’ll always adore

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Chicago Cubs fans are, for better or worse, among the most passionate fans in sports. Since 2016, how the fanbase is perceived has wildly shifted, with more than one poll ranking us among the most despised fans out there.

So what? We know what we like – and what we don’t. Theo Epstein came to town a decade ago looking to change expectations here on the North Side and he did just that. Three NLCS appearances, a World Series championship, some division hardware – not to mention the individual accolades that piled up. The Lovable Losers are no more.

Scroll Cubs Twitter on any given day and you’re bound to see some heated exchanges and bold takes. So who grinds the gears of this fanbase more than anyone? Let’s take a look and see.

3 people Chicago Cubs fans sure love to hate: #3 – Rob Manfred

It’s safe to say Cubs fans aren’t alone in their dislike of Major League Baseball’s current commissioner who has, at almost every turn, seemingly made the wrong decision when it comes to the game we all love.

From his wild comments on the Commissioner’s Trophy, in which he called it ‘a piece of metal,’ a relentless obsession with pace of play and rules experimentation and this winter’s lockout that has stopped the game in its tracks, it’s been misstep after misstep from Bud Selig’s successor.

He wasn’t popular even before the ongoing MLB lockout – and will come out of it looking worse than ever in the eyes of pretty much anyone who doesn’t own a big league club. It’s harder than ever to watch your favorite team thanks to ridiculous, outdated blackout rules, ticket prices show no signs of ever going down and the game is in a very dangerous place, indeed.

Unfortunately for the commissioner, when you’re at the top, the buck stops with you. There are few in the game today capable of setting off baseball fans than Manfred.