Does this Carlos Correa tweet hint at him signing with the Cubs?

(Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)
(Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images) /

It seems as if all Chicago Cubs fans want for Christmas this year is Carlos Correa. In a recent video that surfaced online late Friday afternoon, we saw a group of Cubs fans singing Christmas carols outside the Friendly Confines trying its best to recruit the superstar free agent shortstop. The group of fans changed the words of the classic Christmas carol ‘Gloria in Elcesis Deco’ to “Correa come play in Chicago”.

While it was an extremely funny video that went semi-viral on Twitter that evening, it was able to make its way to the All-Star infielder himself. A couple hours after the video had been out, Correa quote tweeted the post by saying “Happy Holidays to you all”.

While this is not even close to confirmation that Correa is coming to the Cubs; it’s still fun and interesting to see him acknowledge that Cubs fans do in fact want him and would love for him to play for the franchise. Right before the lockout, it was rumored that the Cubs were one of the teams interested in signing this year’s Platinum Glove winner.

Cubs fans are hoping that where there’s smoke, there’s fire with Carlos Correa

The Cubs and Correa connection will definitely be one of the top storylines to keep an eye on once the lockout eventually ends. With Major League Baseball is shut down and fans trying to put out their own recruitment pitches to top free agents, it’s awesome to see a player like Correa acknowledge Cubs fans and their efforts. Not to mention, Correa is not a very active person on social media to begin with.

All I’m saying is that it’s fun to just speculate and add more fuel to the fire. I want to repeat myself, NO this does not mean Correa is coming to the Windy City. It’s just fun being in on the top free agent on the market and to get some fun wholesome content while Major League Baseball is silent.

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So fans, keep recruiting. Players see this kind of stuff and I honestly think it has a little bit of a play on their eventual free agent decisions (case in point, Marcus Stroman). Carlos Correa is on the top of every Cubs fans wish list so let’s continue to hope we can get him in the blue pinstripes.