Lesser known ballplayers who are relatives of Cubs greats

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Some people might recall some of these players, but they are not household names like their more well-known relatives.

Baseball history is full of obscure players, guys who had a short stint in the majors for various reasons. There really is only a handful of players who are regularly among the best, or at least solid, every generation.

Just getting even one shot in the major leagues is a big deal for any professional baseball player. According to Baseball America, only 17.6 percent of drafted players who signed from 1981-2010 ended up making it to the majors at some point. Think about how hard it is to get to the majors and how few of them become All-Star, MVP or even Hall of Fame players.

Looking at some obscure players from the past can be fun. Among some of these guys are relatives of all-time Chicago Cubs greats. This includes relatives of the likes of Ernie Banks, Johnny Evers, Ryne Sandberg and others. Some people might be aware of them, while others are not. Most of them had very brief playing careers in the majors, but some of them are still involved in the game.

Let’s take a look at some of these players.