CC Sabathia absolutely loses his mind over new Cubs outfielder Clint Frazier

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Woo, boy. Look, it’s not news to anyone that Clint Frazier’s time with the Yankees didn’t work out the way either side had hoped. But after signing a one-year deal with the Chicago Cubs this winter, Frazier now finds himself the subject of an expletive-laden rant, courtesy of none other than CC Sabathia.

On his R2C2 podcast, the 41-year-old Sabathia got going on Frazier after the new Cubs outfielder garnered headlines for some of his social media activities of late, including taking not-so-subtle shots at the Yankees’ outdated facial hair policy and saying he was happy to leave New York.

"“If I see another Clint Frazier story, bro, I’m gonna punch somebody in the f—ing face,” Sabathia said. “Sh-t is ridiculous. That kid played 15 games in the f—ing big leagues. Get the f—k out of here with all these stupid ass f—ing stories.”"

To be fair, Frazier has actually played in 228 games over five years – but the point that he didn’t live up to the billing as a former top prospect is 100 percent accurate. The centerpiece in the Andrew Miller trade with Cleveland back at the trade deadline in 2016, Frazier never found his footing in the big leagues.

Obviously, the Cubs are hoping getting out of New York and playing in a much looser environment than the Bronx will help him figure some things out. After all, he’s still just 27 years old – and won’t even turn 28 till next September. Given Chicago’s relatively spotty outfield depth, he’s definitely going to have the chance to prove himself.

Another former Yankees pitcher, Jeff Nelson, joined in on Twitter, criticizing Frazier’s comments.

Chicago Cubs fans will totally embrace Clint Frazier next season

Knowing how former Yankees (and the fanbase) feel about Frazier will only make him more endearing to Cubs fans already rooting for a comeback story. Really since Joe Maddon came to town in 2015, the vibe around the team has been much more laid back – especially when you compare it to what New York is known for.

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So leave the razor in the Big Apple, let the flow go and get ready for a rowdy bleacher crowd on summer Fridays at 1:20, Clint. We’re ready to rock.