Top 3 Chicago Cubs pitching prospects that can make an impact in 2022

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The Chicago Cubs have long been infamous for having troubles addressing their pitching needs via the farm system and the starting rotation was a glaring problem last season that cannot be ignored.

Signing Marcus Stroman is a good start, don’t get me wrong, but you can’t rely entirely on free agency to build your whole pitching staff, and we were shown that annually on the heels of 2016. The best teams like the Dodgers and Rays consistently find themselves with handfuls of very talented pitchers that, to us, almost seem to come from thin air.

I believe we are seeing a new era of sorts for the Cubs organization, turning a page and finally entering into the new meta that we see all around the league. I’m sure most of you know our farm system for top names like outfielder Brennen Davis and flame-throwing lefty Brailyn Marquez, but the team has a lot more pitching depth for the upcoming season than you might be aware of.

These three arms are rising through the ranks and will potentially make a name for themselves at the big league level in 2022.