Cubs sign former first-round pick Clint Frazier to a one-year deal

(Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images)
(Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images) /

After yet another active day of free agency before the potential lockout, the Chicago Cubs went out and made another free agent signing early on Tuesday. According to a report from Jesse Rogers (that has since been confirmed by various others), the Cubs have signed former Yankee outfielder Clint Frazier to a one-year deal.

Frazier, a former first-round pick and top prospect has been up and down from the minor leagues and has dealt with injuries since he made his debut in 2017. Through five seasons, Frazier has hit .186 with an OPS of .761 to go along with 29 home runs. His best season to date so far was back in 2019 when he hit .267 with 12 home runs and 38 RBI, and an OPS of .806.

Since that solid showing in 2019, he really didn’t make any impact with the Yankees as he was battling with injuries and had a rough time getting any offense going for himself. Going into this off-season the Yankees decided to cut him to make room on there 40-man roster.

For the Cubs, this really just feels like more of a flyer move. The Cubs will give Frazier the chance to rejuvenate his career and try and make a name out of himself once again. The 27-year-old outfielder will have plenty of opportunities as he will most likely take over left field for the Cubbies.

Chicago Cubs could have a bargain if Clint Frazier can stay healthy

If Frazier can turn his career around and have a solid season for the Cubs, this will be a major win for both sides. Chicago can either look to trade him at the deadline or even possibly extend him because of his young age and, for Frazier, this is his chance to shine before he eventually comes up in free agency again next winter. This is a no-risk move for everyone involved – with the potential for both team and player to come out winners.

This is a really good deal for the Cubs who look to be going into almost a full rebuild at this point. Frazier has untapped potential that has a chance to come out this season because of the amount of games he will most likely play for this team. He is a lottery ticket that can turn into good fortune for the Cubbies.