These infamous Chicago Cubs mysteries may never be solved

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Chicago Cubs
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The modern world gives the average person an insane level of access to what happens on and off the field. While obviously not everything can be seen, television, YouTube, social media, etc. provide the public with information and multiple angles of pretty much anything that happens when it comes to their favorite team.

It seems like every day there is more information leaked to the public of what occurs within a given organization. Every televised game has HD quality replays from different cameras for every play so there is less debate over what actually happened.

One could imagine if this type of technology existed throughout sports history, there would be a lot less mystery. Some of the greatest plays in the early days of American sports have zero footage or photos, all we have is descriptions from the press and box score records. There was also no internet or digital paper trails to investigate certain occurrences within an organization, so proving corruption or cover-ups was more difficult. What we do know is just a very small tip of a massive iceberg.

In the 145-year history of the Chicago Cubs, there are plenty of things that happened over the years that are left shrouded in mystery. Some clues had been uncovered over the years, but still not enough to fully solve the questions that have been asked. Here is a look at some of those mysteries.