These former & current Chicago Cubs would make great Chicago Bears

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Chicago Cubs: Derek Lee would be a target across the middle

Along with the aforementioned “real” football players and the possible options at quarterback, there are certainly some others who would make interesting skill players on the gridiron. Anthony Rizzo would make a blocking-first tight end or fullback in the right scheme. He seems like a guy who would be willing to get dirty, give up his body, and would almost be big enough with some time in the weight room and at the Golden Corral to be NFL size.

As far as pass-catching tight ends go, Derek Lee and Kris Bryant would be interesting options with great hands who, at 6’5,” would pose a problem for shorter cornerbacks and safeties. Jorge Soler seems like another big body to catch passes and deliver some punishment to smaller defensive players as well.

There probably haven’t been all that many Cubs who could handle elite-type NFL running back or receiver duty, but Baez does seem to be a guy who would be able to run really good routes, use his instincts, and be just elusive and athletic enough to make a lot of guys miss in the open field. Nico Hoerner might be an interesting football option with his speed and added muscle this past year. Dexter Fowler might have made a pretty decent receiver with his length and the athleticism he exhibited in his prime, but he wouldn’t have been a burner in the NFL.