These former & current Chicago Cubs would make great Chicago Bears

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Chicago Cubs: This guy could have been a first round pick in the NFL

First on the list of guys the Cubs could send over to da Bears are the guys who actually played football at a high level: Mark DeRosa at Penn, Jeff Samardzija at Notre Dame and Matt Szczur at Villanova. Sure, they’re probably a little too old and past their football prime now, but back in the day, all of those guys sure could toss or catch the ol’ watermelon.

Amongst players who aren’t known for playing high level football, there are certain characteristics, physical attributes, and athletic skills that could have made some other Cubs an intriguing addition to the hallowed hall of Halas.

Jake Arrieta, Jon Lester, Fergie Jenkins, Jason Heyward, Kerry Wood, and Shawon Dunston all had a good enough baseball arm to make you think they could probably toss a football pretty darn well too. They also all had some pretty great moxie and would no doubt have been leaders in the huddle and tough in the pocket. Dunston and Heyward, along with the bazookas attached to their shoulders, would also represent a bit of a dual threat as well, as their athleticism would make them tough for defenses to contend with.

I suppose you could even throw Javy Baez into this group, but his height would work against him compared to the other tall guys on the list. Plus, Baez seems more like a slot guy who is crafty and just finds magical ways to get yards and touchdowns.