These former & current Chicago Cubs would make great Chicago Bears

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Matt Szczur / Jason Heyward / Jorge Soler / Chicago Cubs
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It’s fall, the leaves are changing color, and those same leaves are falling along with the temperature. The Chicago Cubs aren’t especially relevant at this point, given that their general relevance disappeared months ago and a lot of offseason moves will likely be put on hold until after the new CBA is worked out.

The Chicago Bears can probably say the same after their loss to the 49ers at Soldier Field last week that probably put the finishing touches on Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace’s Halloween coffins. With both teams struggling this season, must be time to turn to the Hawks, right? Ohhhh boy. There’s always the Bulls – they actually look good so far early in the season.

Anyways, back to my point about the Cubs and Bears. With both teams struggling, it got me to thinking that maybe the Bears could use some help and the Cubs could spare some current and even former players to help out on the gridiron. It’s not a perfect idea, because it’s just an exercise in the hypothetical fantasy world and ultimately in futility, but it’s a fun break from the bleak outlook of both clubs in the short term.

Wouldn’t it be fun to see some Chicago Cubs as Bears?

True, the Cubs don’t have and have never really had any guys who could be used on the offensive line because of the size “requirement” and a lineman’s lack of correspondence in basically any other professional sport, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some valuable additions to be had from the Cubs. In fact, there are even some former Cubs who have been pretty decent pigskinners in their own right.