Spooky season: 5 scariest days of the 2021 Chicago Cubs season

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The Chicago Cubs 2021 season as a whole was beyond a scary mess. The team saw a hot streak against the defending World Series champs and an 11-game losing streak soon to follow. Fans saw World Series heroes have to say goodbye but said hello to new and fun names. As a whole, 2021 was a roller coaster of inner emotional turmoil and we were all along for the ride.

As much as we would like the Cubs to be playing baseball during the spooky season of October, the team is sitting at home as Jed Hoyer, Carter Hawkins, and the rest of the front office are contemplating the next move to make “the next great Cubs team.” While they do that, we wonder what is next but we are constantly looking back at what just happened.

2021 started with the Cubs saying goodbye to two North Side favorites in Kyle Schwarber and Jon Lester. We knew changes were coming and tough times might be ahead, but we never expected it to hurt so bad. The team we got comfortable watching day in and day out was blown up and we as fans have been left with more questions than answers. While we were left with the rubble and the aftermath of what was left behind, our favorite pieces of our championship core moved on and thrived with their new teams.

Beyond that bigger picture, there were moments this season that stood out as the scariest of the 2021 season as a whole. From big trades to bad losses and everything in between, the season was nothing short of a horror film we lived in real life.