Chicago Cubs: How the team fared against its biggest rivals in 2021

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Chicago Cubs
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No matter how good or bad your team is, you always want to see them beat their biggest rivals. This did not happen all too often in 2021 for the Chicago Cubs. Finishing with 71 wins on the season, the club finished fourth behind their three biggest division rivals and were nowhere near the same number of wins as their crosstown counterparts.

Much of the mid-season downfall for the 2021 Cubs could be attributed to key losses against division rivals, which set them way back in the standings and essentially ended their hopes at a playoff spot in early July. The two double-digit losing streaks the Cubs had were greatly made up of losses to rival teams, which just added insult to injury.

So how exactly did the Cubs fare against these key rival teams? We will look at the numbers, as well as look at the best and worst moments for the Cubs against each rival team.