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Chicago Cubs: Carlos Correa interested in the idea of coming to Chicago

Benjamin Hudy
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During the past week, when the Houston Astros rolled into town to play the White Sox, reporters couldn’t help but ask some very interesting questions to All-Star shortstop, Carlos Correa. Correa, who is an impending free agent, was asked many questions about the city of Chicago and even the Chicago Cubs.

In an article written by Gordon Wittenmeyer for NBC Sports Chicago, Correa had this to say about potentially playing for the Cubs:

"“But I’ve heard a lot of players talk about how great it is to play at Wrigley Field. And I’ve never gotten to play there at the major-league level yet. Actually, a lot of players say it’s the best stadium to play at.”"

With what Correa has been saying about Chicago, it definitely raises some eyebrows. Correa made it publicly known that he would not be returning to the Astros no matter what happens this postseason. A player like Correa would be perfect for the Cubs to upstart their “rebuild”.

The former first-rounder is truly any team’s dream at shortstop. The two time All-Star is a true five-tool player and has consistently been one of the game’s top shortstops for many years. He is also a nightmare to any pitcher in the postseason as he is one of the all-time clutch hitters when October comes around.

So the question arises, is there even a fit with the North Siders? The shortstop position is still the most questionable going into Opening Day because of this exact reason. Are they going to stay in house with Nico Hoerner or will they sign one of the many star studded shortstops like Correa.

We really don’t know the answer to that yet but we do know that Jed Hoyer is not afraid to spend some money this upcoming off-season. Hypothetically, let’s just say they do sign Correa, where’s the fit and what happens to Nico Hoerner?

Chicago Cubs: What does the team look like with Carlos Correa?

If Correa is installed at shortstop, there’s a good chance Hoerner shifts back to the outfield who sees some time in the infield when either Correa or Nick Madrigal need a day off. Chicago isn’t going to simply unload Hoerner – there’s too much potential to wave the white flag this early in his career.

No one can argue the fact Correa brings a ton of upside in just about every way imaginable. I already mentioned the five-tool skillset he demonstrates nightly, but how about the fact that he is only 27 years old? At that age, the Puerto Rican standout could be a much-needed presence and voice of a young Chicago Cubs team needs for many years to come.

As much as I love the idea and speculation of Correa and the Cubs, I think we all need to pump the brakes. I do not think we will get a true understanding of what Jed Hoyer is trying to do this off-season until the postseason is over. I also think it will be hard to contend with some of Correa’s other possible suitors.

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It is interesting, to say the least, that yet another top free agent has come out saying they would want to play for the Cubs even with a “rebuild” occurring. Correa and the Cubs will definitely be something to keep your eye on this offseason. Now it’s up to Jed Hoyer and new GM Carter Hawkins to answer the question: are they ready to go after a big fish?