Chicago Cubs: 5 guys on postseason teams who are a perfect fit

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Chicago Cubs: Wouldn’t it be nice to have one of these guys back?

The Cubs need to make a splash with somebody this offseason if they want to put derrieres back in the seats and move the bottom line. (You see what I did there, right?)

There are many routes they could go with their “intelligent spending” in the words of Jed Hoyer, but a marquee name would go a long way towards exciting fans. I’ve already discussed Kyle Schwarber and Nicholas Castellanos as good signings this offseason, but there is another former Cub who would be a great signing, though I don’t know if he’ll want to come back or if the Cubs will pony up on his cost now that other suitors will be involved.

Kris Bryant is a guy who was probably undervalued and under-appreciated much of the time he was in Chicago. Beloved, maybe, but still undervalued for all the things he could do when healthy. Ahhh, there’s that rub again. I think a lot of the bum rap Bryant got in Chicago was mostly due to nagging injuries he tried to play through that sapped much of his ability (and especially power) at times and made it look like he was struggling or even washed up.

Now that he’s proven his abilities and healthy once again, his price tag is going to be large, but so is every other valuable player who can do what he brings to the table.

Bringing back Bryant (and/or a Schwarber or Castellanos) would not only give fans some of their core back, it would signal that the Cubs are trying to sign great players who can help the club win quickly. It’s not about nostalgia at this point- these guys can help them win over the next five years.

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Regardless of the player or quality of player the Cubs go after this offseason, they’re going to be active and they have to sign some marquee names at some point if they want to make money. Get your popcorn and sit back, because that hot stove is gonna pop at some point this winter.