Chicago Cubs: 5 guys on postseason teams who are a perfect fit

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Chicago Cubs: Could the Cubs look to L.A. and shortstop Corey Seager?

I’m not suggesting that the Cubs are going to go out and get themselves an elite shortstop and spend big on a huge contract. After all, they could have just extended (or could still re-sign) Javier Baez if that’s what they wanted. However, let’s say the Cubs were scared by the Baez whiffing or his sometimes inconsistent style of play and wanted to go a different route. They could go the Trevor Story or Carlos Correa routes sure, but they also could look out west for another guy, one who bats left-handed and has the highest OBP of the bunch.

I’m talking about Corey Seager here, the Dodger shortstop (or infielder if Trea Turner is there), who is about as solid an offensive performer as you can hope for out of your middle infielder when healthy. Ahhh there’s the rub. When healthy. Seager has had a few injuries over the course of his career and some might even throw around the dreaded “p” word when discussing his injuries.

Prone to them or not, Seager is going to be a guy who gets paid this offseason, as he’s hitting free agency at 27 years old, just about to enter the prime of his career. He could be looking for a deal of up to 10 years (or more), and depending on the route the Cubs want to go, he could fit in with a high OBP and fewer strikeout look to the lineup. Then again, the team could be set with Hoerner and spend their money on some other options…