Chicago Cubs: 3 areas the front office must improve this winter

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With the offseason officially upon us, attention can now turn to what the Chicago Cubs front office looks to do this winter to improve the team. There have been a number of interesting topics to discuss regarding Jed Hoyer and his plans for free agency this year, but generally most are left up to speculation per usual.

"“I think I’ve said repeatedly that we do have financial flexibility. We have money to spend this winter but I think it’s really important that we do that in an intelligent way.”"

Here, we have Hoyer laying out what could be a huge plan to spend, spend, spend and there is instant optimism, which is then quickly followed up with more mystery. What does “in an intelligent way” mean? More cost-effective relievers we hope have a breakout season? Or big ticket free agents that would fill a much-needed hole such as in the starting rotation?

Before long, these questions will be answered as the postseason draws to a close. One thing is for sure, there are several key areas in which this financial flexibility could be spent “intelligently.” With an offense that didn’t even do that bad once after the trade deadline, the focus now needs to be primarily elsewhere. Let’s take a look at 3 areas the front office must improve to get the Cubs back into playoff contention next season.