Chicago Cubs: 3 Jason Heyward trades that might work

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Chicago Cubs: Trade Jason Heyward to the San Diego Padres for Eric Hosmer

It’s been a disappointing season in San Diego, as the Padres will miss the postseason after a very active offseason that prompted most experts to think they would be one of the best teams in the National League. That was largely due to one trade that the Cubs and Padres already made involving Yu Darvish going to southern California.

The Padres’ devastating late-season collapse was preceded by a trade deadline in which they sought to add even more to the roster, and according to one report, they were so desperate to rid themselves of first baseman Eric Hosmer‘s contract that they were willing to tack on a quality prospect in a potential trade.

Hosmer, who will be 32 next year, has four years and $60 million left on his deal. He’s posted a negative defensive WAR every year of his career except for one (2020), but he’s always had a useful bat. He owns a career OPS+ of 108; this year, he’s batting .270 with 12 home runs and 65 RBIs.

Now, I know that the Cubs already have the red-hot Frank Schwindel to play first base right now. However, there’s no guarantee that the journeyman will be able to continue that surprising success over a full season next year. Even if he does, Hosmer would be a great addition to the bench, or he could DH should the National League start using it. And who knows, since the Cubs would be adding money in this deal, perhaps the Padres would throw in a prospect to sweeten the deal.