Chicago Cubs: Ranking the top 5 moments of Kris Bryant’s career

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Looking back at Kris Bryant and his amazing run with the Chicago Cubs, there are so many moments you could choose for a list detailing his top moments. With walk-off home runs, amazing plays at third base and clutch knocks in key spots, it’s insanely difficult to narrow it down to just five top moments.

For somebody who meant so much to the organization and the fan base, it was heartbreaking to see Bryant get traded at the deadline. With the Cubs going in a different direction, there are more than a few fans still desperately clinging to the long-shot hope that somehow, the former NL MVP finds his way home in free agency this winter.

Bryant has stated numerous times that he wanted to be a Cub for life and loves the city of Chicago, going as far as saying the city will always be home to him. Upon returning for the first time in a different uniform, Bryant was met with an emotional tribute video, on top of a class act by Kyle Hendricks and Willson Contreras, stepping off the mound and coming out from behind the plate the first time Bryant came up to bat, culminating in a standing ovation from a packed Wrigley Field crowd.

Whether it’s graduation goggles or simply the fact it took losing Bryant to realize what we had, fans have been very vocal in their love and support of him. To say the least, it’s unfortunate ownership and the front office have decided to part ways with KB. But, at the end of the day, he’s no longer a Cub – and there’s nothing we can do about that right now.

Fans may not get to see him hit in a Cubs uniform anymore, but they will always have the memories. As a token of gratitude and tribute to the former Cubs All-Star third baseman, let’s take a look at Bryant’s top five moments throughout his career  in Chicago.