Chicago Cubs: An emotional day watching Kris Bryant’s return to Wrigley

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Chicago Cubs / Kris Bryant
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Chicago Cubs: Goodbye and we hope to see you down the road

Recapping the experience, and although as a San Francisco Giant, it was great to see Kris Bryant and the Bryant family back at Wrigley Field. I think it’s up to us as fans to continue to treat him as one of our own every time he returns here, no matter what team he is playing for. Kris was one of the biggest hands in getting us to a level some never thought possible, and he will always be a legend in Chicago. This should always be a home to him for the rest of his life.

There is going to come a time where he will return, and the receptions will die down with each plate appearance. The feelings of him being ours will wear off as everyone moves on. It’s a real shame, but it is reality. This is not what Kris deserves, and it really isn’t what Cubs fans deserve either. But at the end of the day Major League Baseball is a business, and sometimes this is just how it is and has to be.

After the game was over, I waited with hundreds of Cubs and Giants fans outside the right field gate by the Giants’ buses to take them to the team hotel. We waited for close to an hour before players started to climb on board. Kris Bryant came out a different exit, I can only assume after making the rounds to see gameday staff he used to see each and every day. He waved to all of us briefly and joined his new teammates.

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As the buses pulled away, we all waived to the tinted black windows of the bus, knowing our guy was on there, almost officially saying thank you, good bye for now, and we hope to see you again.