Chicago Cubs: An emotional day watching Kris Bryant’s return to Wrigley

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Mandatory Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Cubs: It’s safe to say Kris Bryant will be loved for years to come

After taking in the mural and the messages for a few moments, I then walked back up Clark Street towards the Marquee. Upon my arrival, I saw a group of retirees struggling trying to taking a selfie of themselves with the iconic sign. I asked them if I could help them out, they graciously accepted my offer. As I was handed the phone, one of the older ladies said one of the nicest things to me I’ve ever heard in my life. “Oh my gosh, you actually look like Kris Bryant.”

Now I was wearing my gold numbered KB 17 jersey, with an Obvious Shirt underneath reading “Kris Bryant is better at baseball than me.” So she was definitely a prisoner of the moment, but I’m going to take it for what it was. I took the picture for them and continued to make my way around the stadium, heading up the first base line.

People were starting to appear in the neighborhood at this point, too. Lots of 17 jerseys, some familiar 44 jerseys as well. The Giants are a team that is known to travel well nationwide, so I was definitely prepared to see a lot of orange as well. The chances of seeing a combination of the two teams on youngsters missing their hero were definitely high as well.

I continued on around the stadium until I ended up in the left field corner, over by where the players park and walk into the front offices/club house. I decided to sit next to Lucky Dorr and post up here for a while with much time to kill before game time.