Chicago Cubs: “Saving Wrigley Field” was a victory lap for Tom Ricketts

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Chicago Cubs: Was there ever any doubt why this film was produced?

Look. This documentary wasn’t made to educate fans on the process of renovating and rebuilding Wrigley Field – even though that aspect was definitely cool. The point was for the Ricketts family to take full credit for making it possible to restore and preserve the Friendly Confines for generations to come and shine the light on themselves. They wanted another victory lap, aside from giving themselves a plaque on the wall.

Do they deserve a lot of the credit? Absolutely. They put up the funds and brains to make it happen, and there is no doubt that it needed to happen to save Wrigley. But the timing of this all is oh so visible. But they also just spent years telling us there was no room in the budget to re-sign a core that really led the Cubs to a championship. Now they released a documentary showing how much money they spent on Wrigley in order to generate more revenue.

The Ricketts did indeed use their deep pockets to fix the stadium, and they accidentally (and luckily) stumbled upon a World Series in the process. However, if you think this all was done as a service to us for our gameday experiences and to bring a better team together to put on the field, it’s time to wake up and see the writing on the wall.

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The Ricketts do not care about winning, they only want your money. I dare them to prove me wrong this offseason and beyond. A friendly reminder: Chicago is the third-largest market in sports. The money is there.