Chicago Cubs: 3 trades to help the outfield this offseason

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What a turn of events in the last week for the Chicago Cubs. Though the starting rotation is still pretty much in shambles, it goes to show that this team isn’t as bad as it seems when you get a decent start or two from a starting pitcher.

The recent seven-game winning streak marked the longest of the season and has been done impressively without the likes of Kris Bryant, Javier Baez and Anthony Rizzo. Regardless, the Cubs sit way outside of any realistic possibility of a Wild Card this year and moves and further additions need to be made this offseason whether it be through free agency or through the trade market.

As it sits, Chicago’s main outfield mix consists of Jason Heyward, Ian Happ and Rafael Ortega. Though Happ and Ortega have turned into solid pieces offensively and Heyward’s contract is nearly inescapable, there are still additions the Cubs can make to improve the team moving forward.

The fact is, with a new CBA set to be reached this offseason between the MLB and the Players Association, the belief is that the universal which we saw in 2020, will be here to stay for good this time. That opens up several possibilities for not only the Cubs but for all teams across baseball. As for Chicago, it allows the team to add another bat to the mix and move players around, give guys a day off in the field, etc.

Should the agreement be reached regarding a universal DH, it changes the landscape of Major League Baseball, as a whole. It would also give the Cubs a good chance to improve the line up whichever way they choose to do so.

Looking at their options, there is free agency and there are trades they can make with a new found farm system in place. With the possibility that they could look to trade this offseason to help improve the batting order and save a few bucks, let’s take a look at three targets the Cubs need to go after to improve the outfield.