Patience could help the Chicago Cubs grab these 5 pitchers in free agency

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Chicago Cubs: Worth waiting to spend big bucks on – #3: Taijuan Walker

Much like Berrios, Taijuan Walker isn’t somebody who will necessarily break the bank, but is someone you can turn the ball over to knowing you have a good chance to win a game. The important thing to remember with Walker is that he is not an unrestricted free agent come 2023, he actually will have a player option. The good thing, is his contract is very cheap. He is earning $10 million this year, $7 million the year after and would make $6 million if he were to pick up that option in 2023.

Basically, if walker can continue to out-play that contract, it is a no brainer that he would opt out for 2023 and test the market. He would be 30 going into next year’s offseason and be looking to secure a few more dollars while he is still in his prime. Walker is currently 7-8 with a 3.86 ERA. A league average ERA this season is 4.22 and if one thing is true about contending teams, they all have good pitching.

Getting a chance to add Walker would do the same for the Cubs that adding a guy like Berrios would do. He’ll give you consistent numbers. He would not be looked at to the be the ace of the pitching staff but he is someone you can depend on in the middle of the rotation to eat innings and get you wins along the way.