Chicago Cubs: An objective review and ranking of City Connect uniforms

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The Dodgers were the seventh and final team to debut their City Connect uniforms in 2021.


These uniforms are almost a direct inverse of their normal home uniforms. Dodger blue pants and jerseys with small red numbers on the lower left. Across the front in white and the familiar script reads “Los Dodgers.” The left sleeve has the timeless “LA” logo in white. The back has white letters and numbers.

The hats are all blue and read “Los Dodgers” in white on the front, matching the jersey.

Objective Review

The Dodgers wanted to honor their heavy Latino fan base with their look, as they put on Dodger Blue pants and jerseys together for the first time ever. The Dodgers basically took their normal uniforms and turned them blue, and copy/pasted the front of the jersey to the hat. There really isn’t much to dissect with these uniforms, admittedly.

That’s because these are absolutely lazily done. The jersey and hat are exactly the same, which really only works if the jersey is also just the letter logos like the Yankees, White Sox, Tigers, Reds, etc. etc. There are way too many letters to just throw this on a hat.

I can’t imagine what an alternative would be or look like to these uniforms. I don’t have a better solution to what they would do instead. So I will give the designers that. However, this “design” probably took all of two minutes and thirty-seven seconds to come up with. I can’t imagine there were too many sleepless nights to determine this was the final draft.