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Chicago Cubs: An objective review and ranking of City Connect uniforms

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The Giants were next to debut their City Connect uniforms in mid-July on the San Francisco Bay


The Giants went with a white jersey and white pants (orange piping down the side), different from the cream color they normally wear. On the front of the jersey is the team’s alternate capital “G,” starting with bright orange at the top and fading into white at the bottom. The numbers on the back do this as well. Both sleeves have the Golden Gate Bridge wrapping around them in orange.

The hat is all orange with the normal “SF” logo in orange and outlined in white. On the right side of the hat, there is another showing of the Golden Gate Bridge in white. All-in-all, they only use two colors: orange and white.

Objective Review

The jerseys are obviously a representation of the Golden Gate Bridge as it appears three different times on the uniforms. However, the Giants also give a little tip of the cap to the heavy fog the city endures with the fading of the logo and numbers on the jersey, a very specific and thoughtful detail.

Do these represent the city of San Francisco? Absolutely, they show the bridge and they’re orange. I understand the concept of representing the fog in the uniform as well, however I will never be on board with changing color numbers or letters on a uniform. I am team solids. And to be honest, these are pretty ugly. It’s a no for me, dog.